About Us

Jewellery is stringed by thousands of emotions. Some are expressive of love, some state style, some add sparkle to personality, some accompany pure joys. These celebrated emotions make each piece of jewellery precious and exclusive in every right. May be it is this emotional attachment only that makes jewellery fantastically different and stylish in every right. At Meena Jewellers, we create such marvellous pieces of ornaments to adorn the elegance in our patrons.

Our latest gold jewellery designs in Indian necklaces, earrings, rings, bangles, exclusive diamond creations in precious stones like Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and other semi-precious stones are a huge hit among our patrons. So, be assured that whenever you will come to Meena Jewellers, the best of jewel trends are there to fascinate you each and every time.

Our signature gold creations are based in 22k gold, which has made us a name synonymous to quality, purity and artistry. We also have a range of jewellery in 18k gold, which again makes us a versatile jeweller in Dubai. We have gold jewels in all forms – like heavy traditional necklaces, elegant modern diamond ornaments and pendants to choose from.
The huge selections at our store in Dubai attract many jewellery aficionados continuously for a perfect blend of traditional and modern. We are ready to welcome such jewel lovers in their quest to find the style statement in gold and diamond jewellery creations.